Thank you!

Thanks to all who've left such positive reviews for Last Chance on Blushing Books. I'm so glad you enjoyed Connie and Nate's story! I appreciate any feedback and would love to hear from my readers.

For those who asked, I am working on Gina and Derek's story right now. Fun fact about me: I write my books by hand, then type them. So there's about a week or two delay between what I have in my notebook and what I have on the computer. Seems like a lot of work but I've found when I get to the end I have very little editing to do because the typed version is really draft number two. And I like the freedom of being able to carry my notebook with me and write whenever the urge strikes me, and when I'm traveling for my Day Job I don't have haul my laptop around with me.

I'm tentatively hoping to finish G and D's story by the end of March. That may be ambitious but it's my goal right now, and if I blow it maybe I'll end up getting a spanking!


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