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Saturday Spankings for November 22nd

Today I'm sharing another snippet from the latest release in my Chances of Discipline series. Risky Chance is the story of Keith and Sara. What started out as an employer and employee relationship when Sara became the nanny for Keith's infant son, soon turned into something more. To set the scene: Sara's been watching little Carter while Keith worked a late shift and working on a project for one of her college classes. Unfortunately she neglected to do something that Keith feels is very important... “I know you’re sorry, I know you didn’t do it on purpose and that you would never want anything bad to happen to Carter,” Keith said gently. “But I also know I made it very clear that I expected the alarm to be on at all times and the house to be locked up tight. Isn’t that right?”  “Yes.” Sara knew what was coming next, and knew she deserved it.  “And what did I say would happen if you broke that rule?”  Sara squirmed under his direct stare, feeling like a child again

Saturday Spankings for November 1st

Hi all! It's been a while since I participated and I'm so happy to be back to share a snippet from my new release, Risky Chance. This is a sweet, contemporary spanking romance, so if that's up your alley read on! Here's the set-up : Sara's been working as a nanny for Keith's son Carter for a while when she makes a very bad decision that Keith has to deal with. “I feel so guilty about all of this, I should never have told her where you lived.” “No you shouldn’t have,” he agreed, making her cry harder, “I really don’t know what to do with you right now.”  She needed to be punished her for her behavior tonight but the obvious solution made him cringe. Keith couldn’t bring himself to fire her though he had every right to do so; Carter loved her and their situation was working out so well up until today. He didn’t want to lose her. “I don’t want to fire you Sara but I have to make sure this never happens again.” If Angie pulled a stunt like this he

Risky Chance is out now!!

The fourth book in my Chances of Discipline series is out now! Risky Chance is now available for your reading pleasure. Being a single father at twenty-five was not what Keith Lane envisioned for his future, but after a one night stand that was exactly where he ended up. Alone and with a son born prematurely, Keith struggled to keep it all together. Balancing work and keeping up with his growing son was quickly becoming more than he could handle. Sara Saunders had a heart of gold and a sweet disposition, and wanted nothing more than to participate in the life of the child her wayward cousin had abandoned. When she found out Keith needed a nanny for that very same child, it seemed like the perfect solution-Keith needed help and she was the perfect candidate! Despite his initial reservations and instant attraction, Keith took a risk and hired Sara. Sparks flew and Keith soon realized that he wanted Sara to be more than just a nanny, but Sara's habit of acting before thinkin

Random News and Updates

Wow, I cannot believe how long it's been since I've posted on here! Well, that's not exactly true. There was a voice in the back of my head that kept periodically reminding me that I should write a blog post. Especially when I was reading all the Spank A-Z posts last month from the wonderful bloggers who participated. I'm not even going to attempt to make excuses because I simply don't have one. I'm a slacker. That's all there is to it. Moving on. Although I've been silent here, I have been busy writing other things and am happy to say that I finished my next book! It still needs to be edited before I submit though. I'd planned to be finished two weeks ago but once again life happened and knocked me through a loop. Tentatively titled Risky Chance it's a continuation of my Chances of Discipline series and is the story of Keith and Sara. We met Keith in the last book,  Chance Encounter , which was Kevin and Angie's story. Keith is Kevin

#SatSpanks- Heating things up

Today's extra-long snippet comes from my new release, Chance Encounter . Kevin and Angie have just arrived at Kevin's house after he's told her how he feels, and things quickly start to heat up. “Are you ready for this?” he asked, wanting to hear her agree even though her eyes were begging. He pressed up against her, letting her feel how much he wanted her, waiting for her answer. She widened her stance in response, thrusting out her hips to increase contact, but that wasn’t enough. “I want to hear you say it.” Her eyes glazed at the demand, but she answered, “Yes, I’m ready.” “Good.” He took her purse out of her hand and tossed it on the coffee table, then reached down and grabbed both sides of the dress, sweeping it over her head before she could protest. Not that she tried to. Instead she placed her hands on the couch at her sides and leaned back, giving him a better view. What a view it was. Removing the dress left her in a strapless black bra, fish ne

Snippet from Chance Encounter

The latest book in my Chances of Discipline series,  Chance Encounter , was released this past Saturday. It features Angie, who had quite a shocking scene in Surprise Chance , and Kevin. In the snippet below Kevin is finally confronting Angie after some miscommunication about their relationship status, and letting her know exactly how he feels: He pulled her closer and caged her against the railing so all she could focus on was him, and what he was telling her. “What do you want?” she asked. He heard a slight tremble in her voice but he didn’t think it was from fear. From the glazed look in her eyes he knew she felt the heat between them. The burning desire that was threatening his control. “I want you. I want you to be mine. I took the time to get to know you, but now I want to know more. I want it all, every last inch of you.” She shuddered at his words and her eyes closed while she absorbed what he’d said. Maybe she’d turn him down, or run away in terror at his possessiv

Release Date and Cover

I found out today that my next book, Chance Encounter, will be released January 31st...which is next week! Here's the cover, isn't it pretty? And here's the blurb: Kevin and Angie have moved in the same circle of friends for years, but never really met. He'd been in a long term relationship for the past year and a half, and she was a wild woman, more interested in having fun than settling down with a man. But fate has other plans for them, bringing them together just when they need each other most. After the way his last relationship ended, Kevin knows what he wants, and needs, from a woman. Trust, respect and to be in control. Angie's never been in a relationship before, much less one where the man wants her to obey his rules and will punish her if she doesn't. Will Angie and Kevin come together and work out their differences? Will their chance encounters turn into a lasting relationship full of love, rules and discipline? I'm looking forward