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New Release Coming Soon

The second book in The Quest for Kinky Love Series will be out soon. It focuses on Daphne and Ben, who appeared in the first book, but is a standalone story. Here's the blurb... Bold, determined, and a little—or a lot—stubborn, would be how Daphne’s friends would describe her if asked. And that’s exactly what she wants them to think. She’s a woman in control and she knows her own mind. And she doesn’t need help from anyone. Unfortunately, sometimes the universe decides to expose your vulnerability at exactly the wrong moment, which turns your life upside down. Ben’s a successful restauranteur and chef, living the life as a single man with a long line of willing submissives ready to his bidding in bed. At least, that’s what everyone thinks, but only half of that statement is true. He’s spent most of the last six years busting his butt in a hot kitchen, making his dream come true. Ben hadn’t exactly been pining for Daphne, but she’d always been the one that got away. Th