New Release Coming Soon

The second book in The Quest for Kinky Love Series will be out soon. It focuses on Daphne and Ben, who appeared in the first book, but is a standalone story. Here's the blurb... Bold, determined, and a little—or a lot—stubborn, would be how Daphne’s friends would describe her if asked. And that’s exactly what she wants them to think. She’s a woman in control and she knows her own mind. And she doesn’t need help from anyone. Unfortunately, sometimes the universe decides to expose your vulnerability at exactly the wrong moment, which turns your life upside down. Ben’s a successful restauranteur and chef, living the life as a single man with a long line of willing submissives ready to his bidding in bed. At least, that’s what everyone thinks, but only half of that statement is true. He’s spent most of the last six years busting his butt in a hot kitchen, making his dream come true. Ben hadn’t exactly been pining for Daphne, but she’d always been the one that got away. Th

I've been neglectful

Wow! I haven't posted anything since November 2015. I knew it had been awhile, but almost two years? So what's happened since then? I released my first self published book, Finding Dom. It's my take on kinky dating in real life, and is the first in a series. I'm in the process of updating and re-releasing my Chances of Discipline Series. They've been revised and have gorgeous new covers. My children have continued to grow and are both almost taller than me. My Evil Day Job continues to be just that-stressful and soul sucking. And I'm turning 40 in less than three weeks. Which I'm really not sad about. I have no complaints in my life, except that I'd prefer to be home writing all day and not sitting in an office, but who wouldn't? I've got some other ideas brewing in my head than I'm hoping to exorcise this fall, but we'll see how far I get. They're pretty fully formed so perhaps the words will just flow out onto the paper...

Snippet from Deceptive Practices

Here's a little taste of my book in Corbin's Bend Season 4, Deceptive Practices, due out this week. Enjoy! The evening passed without any more odd behavior from Sebastian. They made dinner and sat down and ate together. Chloe dominated the conversation, telling Sebastian all about the playground and other sights they’d seen on their drive. Nancy watched him closely for any clues to what was going on in his head, but she didn’t pick up on anything out of the ordinary. Maybe he’d been annoyed that she and Chloe were gone for so long earlier, but when she asked while they were chopping the vegetables for the stir-fry earlier, he’d said he was busy all day.   By the time they tucked Chloe into bed Nancy had chalked it up to her own worries and guilt making her see things that weren’t there, creating issues where there were none. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be trouble free for long though. As soon as she was sure Chloe was fast asleep Nancy would have to tell Sebastian t

Cover Reveal for Deceptive Practices

I'm so excited to be participating in Corbin's Bend Season Four. My book, Deceptive Practices, will be out November 25th. Hope you enjoy! Nancy always dreamed of becoming a doctor and planned to spend her life focusing on her career, giving little thought to marriage or having a family. Luckily love found her when she met Sebastian Zeal in college. Supportive, gentle and loving, Sebastian was her rock through her long years of medical school and residency, even leaving his own teaching career after an unexpected pregnancy. Despite being a successful doctor, Nancy longs to give up control to her husband and have him spank her when she needs it. Unfortunately, Sebastian doesn’t understand her desires, instead believing an equal partnership is the only path to a successful marriage. He eventually agrees to give Nancy the occasional spanking, but she wants more, and ends up tricking her husband into moving to the spanking community of Corbin’s Bend. When Sebastian di

Sorry I've been absent!

I can't believe I haven't posted since last November! Unfortunately, not much happened with my writing during much of that time, so I didn't have anything to share in that respect. I recently attended The Passionate Pen conference in Washington, D.C. hosted by Blushing Books . It was the first writing conference I've attended and I have to say that I learned a lot and had a blast meeting all of the authors and fans who attended. Being able to discuss writing with others who actually do it was a new experience for me, and one I want to continue. I left re-energized and excited about my writing, and I'm hoping to have a productive fall! I also worked on a new project over the summer which I'm very excited about. As soon as I have any firm information to report on what it is and when it will come out I'll be sure to share.

Saturday Spankings for November 22nd

Today I'm sharing another snippet from the latest release in my Chances of Discipline series. Risky Chance is the story of Keith and Sara. What started out as an employer and employee relationship when Sara became the nanny for Keith's infant son, soon turned into something more. To set the scene: Sara's been watching little Carter while Keith worked a late shift and working on a project for one of her college classes. Unfortunately she neglected to do something that Keith feels is very important... “I know you’re sorry, I know you didn’t do it on purpose and that you would never want anything bad to happen to Carter,” Keith said gently. “But I also know I made it very clear that I expected the alarm to be on at all times and the house to be locked up tight. Isn’t that right?”  “Yes.” Sara knew what was coming next, and knew she deserved it.  “And what did I say would happen if you broke that rule?”  Sara squirmed under his direct stare, feeling like a child again

Saturday Spankings for November 1st

Hi all! It's been a while since I participated and I'm so happy to be back to share a snippet from my new release, Risky Chance. This is a sweet, contemporary spanking romance, so if that's up your alley read on! Here's the set-up : Sara's been working as a nanny for Keith's son Carter for a while when she makes a very bad decision that Keith has to deal with. “I feel so guilty about all of this, I should never have told her where you lived.” “No you shouldn’t have,” he agreed, making her cry harder, “I really don’t know what to do with you right now.”  She needed to be punished her for her behavior tonight but the obvious solution made him cringe. Keith couldn’t bring himself to fire her though he had every right to do so; Carter loved her and their situation was working out so well up until today. He didn’t want to lose her. “I don’t want to fire you Sara but I have to make sure this never happens again.” If Angie pulled a stunt like this he