Saturday Spankings for November 1st

Hi all! It's been a while since I participated and I'm so happy to be back to share a snippet from my new release, Risky Chance. This is a sweet, contemporary spanking romance, so if that's up your alley read on!

Here's the set-up :

Sara's been working as a nanny for Keith's son Carter for a while when she makes a very bad decision that Keith has to deal with.

“I feel so guilty about all of this, I should never have told her where you lived.”

“No you shouldn’t have,” he agreed, making her cry harder, “I really don’t know what to do with you right now.”  She needed to be punished her for her behavior tonight but the obvious solution made him cringe. Keith couldn’t bring himself to fire her though he had every right to do so; Carter loved her and their situation was working out so well up until today. He didn’t want to lose her.

“I don’t want to fire you Sara but I have to make sure this never happens again.”

If Angie pulled a stunt like this he knew exactly how his brother would handle it, but Keith didn’t think that solution would be appropriate.

“You could spank me,” she suggested, shocking the shit out of him - it was as if she’d pulled the thought right out his mind. 

(disclaimer- I messed with the punctuation a bit to get in under the 8 sentence limit)

Please check out Risky Chance, and all the other wonderful authors participating in the hop!


  1. Brave lady. That or she enjoys it, and if so, it wouldn't really be a punishment, would it. Enjoyed the snippet and looking forward to reading more, Tabitha.

  2. Loved that she shocked the shit out of him! Awesome, Tabitha. :)


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