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I'm finally back in the land of the living, or at least the online world of fun, spanking friends! So sorry I've been absent, but we've been busy getting ready to go back to school and wrapping up our summer fun. And, well, I'm just not very motivated when it's hot out. Now that the weather is cooling down we're almost to my favorite time of the year- fall. There's something about the leaves changing color, and the air turning crisp and cool, that makes me happy. It also seems to motivate me, or maybe it's just the familiar, ingrained routine of getting back to business in the fall. Either way I've got ideas percolating in my little brain that may finally be ready to worm their way out. I'm hoping to hunker down and get productive after weeks of only writing in dribs and drabs.

Back to the topic at hand- Saturday Spankings! This week's excerpt is from Surprise Chance. Gina's just had a spanking for yelling at Derek in a most disprespectful manner, and Derek decides that she needs to time to reflect on her actions. In the corner.

“You did good Princess, and I’m proud of you for taking your spanking so well,” she blushed at his praise, which he found cute but odd since she’d just had her naked ass over his knee and her panties were still tangled around her thighs, leaving her pussy a bare distraction two feet below his eyes. His gaze drifted down and his cock hardened further at the sight of her kneeling between his feet.
“Now you’re going to spend the next ten minutes thinking about how you can control your temper in the future so we don’t have to have this discussion again,” he said, needing to move this forward so they could play.
“And you’re going to do your thinking in the corner,” he continued, helping her to her feet with a hand on her elbow. She tensed at his words and started to protest.
“Derek, I don’t like…” she started, but he cut her off.
“Princess, you’ve been doing so well taking your punishment, don’t ruin it now,” he warned and she shut her mouth, but didn’t look happy about it, as he guided her around the coffee table and into the dining room. There was an interior corner away from the window that was perfect; he stopped there and turned her to face him. “This is where bad girls go to do their thinking.”

Hope you enjoyed, and please check out all the other great authors' snippets!


  1. Great job!
    The corner definitely adds a whole new level to the punishment.


  2. Corner time does something for me. During a spanking struggling, yelping, you're always showing a little fight. Standing in the corner is a struggle in the sub/dom relationship that she must decide to submit to. I love it.

  3. In the corner. :( I'd love to know the end of her sentance. ;)

  4. Oh, blushes. Blushes are the best. Lovely snippet!

  5. “This is where bad girls go to do their thinking.” I love a man that reinforces his lesson with corner time. With bare bottom glowing red from the corner, this is most effective. Nice!

  6. The corner adds a new dimension to the scene. Luv.

  7. "This is where bad girls do their thinking."
    Nice! it's her first trip to the corner but I think it's safe to say, it won't be her last.
    I want more I tell you, more, more, more.
    I'm sorry that was rude a presumptuous... I'll go stand in the corner now.

    Great Snippet, Tabitha

  8. Gina started to say she didn't like something, but I'm not sure what it was she wanted to protest. Being sent to stand in the corner? If that's true, then I gather he's given her this punishment before, or someone else has. I do think Derek is being considerate of her by placing her in an inside corner of the room, no doubt where he can watch her. This couple has a very interesting dynamic. I'm going to need to check out Surprise Chance further.

  9. This is where bad girls go to do their thinking. Love the line!

  10. :D I love his dialogue :) great scene

  11. hmm, wondering how corner time will go for her... sounds like she didn't like the idea!

  12. Great snippet! I hope we get a little more of this next week Tabitha :)

  13. Wow, it's funny how corner time is often more disturbing to the penitent than a spanking - really brilliantly shown in that scene. Nice snip

  14. This is where bad girls do there thinking...

    Wow, I thought I loved the good girl phrase but that 'bad girl' is pretty hot.


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