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It's time for Saturday Spankings! Sorry I missed last week, but I'm back with something I hope you'll enjoy. This is another one from Last Chance. Connie's misbehaved again, maybe a little 'accidentally on purpose', and has earned herself a spanking. They're mid-spanking when Nate decides to take things up a notch: Nate reached up and grabbed one of their pillows from the head of the neatly made bed. He gently lifted Connie’s midsection so he could place the pillow underneath her. The added height lifted her behind in the air, giving him the perfect target. He stood and surveyed the picture she made for a minute, enjoying the view. Her ass was a nice bright pink, no deep red or purple marks yet, but it was definitely on fire and hot to the touch. Though he loved the way her black panties looked against her pink skin it was time for those to go away. He slid them down but decided they looked even better half-way down her thighs, then ran his hand back ov

Late Saturday Snippet

So I missed the deadline for Saturday Spankings because life got in the way. But I still wanted to give you a little "something, something" to read. This is from Surprise Chance, my second book. Derek has left Gina hanging after a spanking, but then he calls and gives her a little telephone love to tide her over: “Good. Grab your tits with each hand and start playing with them,” he growled. She complied, stroking and pulling on her breasts. Derek let her play how she wanted for a minute before he started issuing instructions. The sound of his deep voice directing her to tug on her hardened nipples until she hit the line where pleasure meets pain had her on the edge of orgasm. He must have heard the change in her breathing, or maybe it was all the moaning that clued him in, either way he suddenly barked, “Stop! Move your hands away.” The change in his tone jolted her back down from the peak of pleasure and she immediately obeyed. “I didn’t want you to come yet,” he exp