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Birthday Spankings

I missed Saturday Spankings this week, again, but I have a good excuse this time. It's my birthday! Today! Since both my husband and myself have to work today we celebrated by taking the family out for dinner at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant last night. Neither of my children had ever been to one, but I really like Japanese food and since it was my birthday I picked. I was slightly worried that they'd refuse to eat anything since they've both spent the summer eating nothing but grilled chicken, hamburgers and tacos, on constant rotation. And only one will eat hamburgers and one will eat tacos. Some nights I literally make three different meals- burgers for one, tacos for the other and something else for me and my husband if we're sick of burgers and tacos. It's ridiculous, and entirely my fault, I know. Anyway, you can understand my worry that there might be a revolt over my dinner selection last night. With this in mind I decided to sweeten the pot on the way t

Finally some more Saturday Spankings

I'm finally back in the land of the living, or at least the online world of fun, spanking friends! So sorry I've been absent, but we've been busy getting ready to go back to school and wrapping up our summer fun. And, well, I'm just not very motivated when it's hot out. Now that the weather is cooling down we're almost to my favorite time of the year- fall. There's something about the leaves changing color, and the air turning crisp and cool, that makes me happy. It also seems to motivate me, or maybe it's just the familiar, ingrained routine of getting back to business in the fall. Either way I've got ideas percolating in my little brain that may finally be ready to worm their way out. I'm hoping to hunker down and get productive after weeks of only writing in dribs and drabs. Back to the topic at hand- Saturday Spankings! This week's excerpt is from Surprise Chance. Gina's just had a spanking for yelling at Derek in a most disprespect