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#SatSpanks- Heating things up

Today's extra-long snippet comes from my new release, Chance Encounter . Kevin and Angie have just arrived at Kevin's house after he's told her how he feels, and things quickly start to heat up. “Are you ready for this?” he asked, wanting to hear her agree even though her eyes were begging. He pressed up against her, letting her feel how much he wanted her, waiting for her answer. She widened her stance in response, thrusting out her hips to increase contact, but that wasn’t enough. “I want to hear you say it.” Her eyes glazed at the demand, but she answered, “Yes, I’m ready.” “Good.” He took her purse out of her hand and tossed it on the coffee table, then reached down and grabbed both sides of the dress, sweeping it over her head before she could protest. Not that she tried to. Instead she placed her hands on the couch at her sides and leaned back, giving him a better view. What a view it was. Removing the dress left her in a strapless black bra, fish ne

Snippet from Chance Encounter

The latest book in my Chances of Discipline series,  Chance Encounter , was released this past Saturday. It features Angie, who had quite a shocking scene in Surprise Chance , and Kevin. In the snippet below Kevin is finally confronting Angie after some miscommunication about their relationship status, and letting her know exactly how he feels: He pulled her closer and caged her against the railing so all she could focus on was him, and what he was telling her. “What do you want?” she asked. He heard a slight tremble in her voice but he didn’t think it was from fear. From the glazed look in her eyes he knew she felt the heat between them. The burning desire that was threatening his control. “I want you. I want you to be mine. I took the time to get to know you, but now I want to know more. I want it all, every last inch of you.” She shuddered at his words and her eyes closed while she absorbed what he’d said. Maybe she’d turn him down, or run away in terror at his possessiv