Late Saturday Snippet

So I missed the deadline for Saturday Spankings because life got in the way. But I still wanted to give you a little "something, something" to read. This is from Surprise Chance, my second book. Derek has left Gina hanging after a spanking, but then he calls and gives her a little telephone love to tide her over:

“Good. Grab your tits with each hand and start playing with them,” he growled. She complied, stroking and pulling on her breasts. Derek let her play how she wanted for a minute before he started issuing instructions. The sound of his deep voice directing her to tug on her hardened nipples until she hit the line where pleasure meets pain had her on the edge of orgasm. He must have heard the change in her breathing, or maybe it was all the moaning that clued him in, either way he suddenly barked, “Stop! Move your hands away.”

The change in his tone jolted her back down from the peak of pleasure and she immediately obeyed. “I didn’t want you to come yet,” he explained in a gentler tone, “And you were close, weren’t you?”

“Yes Sir.”
If you'd like to read more please check out Surprise Chance!


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