It's hot where I am. And muggy. And hot.

I'm not a fan of being overly warm. I love a good sunny day by the water with a nice breeze blowing in, but this uncomfortable sticky soup, where you don't even want to move let alone be productive and get things done, is not something I'm fond of at all. Not that I imagine most people are, but what makes it worse is that I don't have air conditioning. There are two window units in my children's rooms but otherwise my house is not centrally cooled, which blows. There is no escape from the heat.

What is the point of all this whining and complaining and bitching and moaning, other than the fact that it highlights why I need a new house? Well, I'm not writing. I'm not really doing much of anything, except when I'm going to concerts and picnics and all those things you do in the summer for the precious few months of vacation and nice weather we get in the north. But when I'm home, lately, I've been doing nothing productive. Unless you count spending too much time on Fet and watching dirty, filthy porn after the kids go to bed research. Sure, that sounds good.

So there. I have been accomplishing something and I didn't even realize it. Hopefully I'll get my ass in gear soon but in the meantime please check out my newest release, Surprise Chance. It's got a girl who thinks she knows what she wants and a guy who knows what she really needs.  And spankings. And cornertime. And a little bit of bondage. A great time is had by all!

Now I'm going to drag the fan closer to my spot on the couch and do some more research.


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